Wolves as pets

Recently in the news, is a case where a dog who is part wolf was removed from it’s owner’s house, as a possible threat to society. An arrangement to euthanize was granted, and then as a result of public outcry, that order was changed and the creature has since been transferred to live out it’s life in a wolf sanctuary.

While the public was galvanized from a psychological viewpoint, care needs to be given to the issue of wolves being kept in captivity and being treated as a pet. Wolves are not dogs, but dogs are descended from wolves, and many still carry a number of the prospective instincts which could cause deadly results. One of the reasons cited for the original order to euthanize was due to the high prey drive towards cats related to domesticated wolves.

While all breeds differ, basic behaviours that are found in wolves can also be found in Boca FL Rat Removal the majority of domestic dogs. The behaviors may occur less frequently and with less severity, but the potential is still there in any canine. Most often in a dog bite attack, one of the basic instincts of the dog overtakes their behavior, and the result can be severe or even deadly.

Dogs are essentially predators, meaning that they will chase something which is running. In most dogs, this may not be a issue but in many other dogs, it can be triggered only by a simple game of drama. A dog may interpret a child chasing a ball as a prey and start the chase. This is a very strong instinct in a wolf, no matter how well domesticated, and is 1 reason why you should not have wolves as pets.

Dominancy is very widespread in all dogs, which comes from their lineage of the wolf. The impulse to be the Alpha dog stems from this instinct, and can result in a seemingly docile pet suddenly becoming very aggressive in an attempt to become the “pack leader”. Many conditions which result in accidents from a dog bite began with this very situation.

Many dog attack accidents result from a dog being territorial. If any dog or wolf perceives that his land is being threatened, it is going to defend that territory. This where pet attack injuries most commonly come from, a dog thinking that someone is going to take their food, or claim a favorite toy.

They’re too complex, and also different from domesticated dogs in order to be around the general public. Injuries from a dog bite can be prevented if you educate yourself as to the appropriate care and behavior around any dog.

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